Our Product

Simble’s on-demand consumer offering is helping to build a new generation of auto insurance services, offering drivers tailored insurance services which better represent their needs.

Through the application of the latest in digitally enabled technology and the Simble mobile app., car users can select a policy, which accurately reflects their lifestyle and usage and provides real cost savings in comparison to traditional insurance models.

For Insurers, Simble’s technology provides customisable app-enabled solutions, supporting ‘smart’ customer propositions that can be tailored to meet variable trips, mileage and individual driver risk. Through Simble’s technology, Insurers can now address additional insurance opportunities, opportunities that cannot be met by more traditional subscription models and require enhanced and accurate risk assessment.

Emerging opportunities supported by Simble technology:

  • Advanced mobility applications, car-sharing, ride-sharing etc.
  • Short-term insurance for learner, infrequent and seasonal drivers
  • Add-on insurance that can be embedded in partner offerings
  • Delivery/courier applications which require additional commercial or liability insurance
  • On-demand CASCO upgrades